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Campus Life


The NSS (National Service Scheme) promotes responsibility and community involvement among young people. By completing community projects, they aim to develop leadership skills and improve understanding of social issues.


The NCC (National Cadets Corps)  aims at development of character, discipline, ideals of selfless services, and inculcates leadership skills among students, also students have participated in NCC and have successfully joined the defense Sector.

Red Ribbon Club

The Red Ribbon Club educates students in India about HIV/AIDS and other blood-borne diseases through events like talks and rallies. The club also encourages blood donation and helps hospitals set up donation centers.

Computer Labs

Govt. College, Kurwai  Provides sophisticated and modern teaching facilities that are constantly updated and upgraded. Each & Every department at the boasts of an array of highly advanced & developed laboratories.

Legal Aid Cell

The Legal Aid Cell offers legal help and support to students and community members. It promotes legal awareness and provides guidance. The cell provide assistance through activities such as clinics, workshops, and seminars.

Film Club

College Film Club shows a diverse selection of movies for enthusiasts to watch and discuss with peers from different genres and periods, leading to insightful conversations and expanding knowledge of art and cultures. 

Eco Club

The Eco Club,  promotes eco-friendly choices through events and activities and volunteering, like tree planting and park cleanups.  By joining, students learn about sustainability and help the environment in their college and community.

Sports Club

Sports Club offer fitness, skill development  and sport participation opportunities (football, basketball, tennis) while providing fields and courts. It provide valuable social interaction with people from diverse backgrounds and contribute to personal growth.


The college has a modern gym with weightlifting, cardio machines, and group fitness classes. Trained staff help students with exercises and questions. The gym is a great place to meet and hang out with like-minded students while improving overall well-being.

Remedial /Entry Services Cell

The Remedial/Entry Services Cell at college provides personalized help for students who might struggle with college life or classes. They offer academic support, counseling, and advice through strategies like study skills, time management, and tutoring in writing. 

Personality Development Cell

Colleges offer Personality Development Cell to  provides programs, workshops, and activities to enhance their communication, leadership, and self-confidence. Students can recognize their strengths and weaknesses and work on improving them, becoming more confident and successful.

Entrepreneurial Development Cell

Colleges provide an Entrepreneurial Development Cell to aid students who wish to start their own business. The EDC offers guidance, funding assistance, and networking opportunities to create a culture of innovation, where students can freely take risks and became successful.

Anti Ragging Club

The Anti Ragging Club in colleges ensures student safety by preventing bullying and harassment on campus. It supports new students during their adjustment period and provides a platform for students to address any concerns. The club also educates students on appropriate behavior and consequences.

Women Development Cell

The Women Development Cell (WDC) in colleges supports women students with counseling, legal help, workshops, and more, to help them feel safe and respected on campus, achieving their goals without discrimination. Working with other groups and advocating for women’s rights, WDC ensures women are heard, supported, and protected.

Jan - Sunwai Cell

College Jan-Sunwai Cell allows students to share ideas, concerns, and feedback to solve campus problems. It is transparent and inclusive, meeting students’ needs for a better college experience. It’s a helpful tool to get help with any issues.