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The College is having a library for undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Students are to use their respective libraries only. For using the library facilities, students are to adhere to the following rules:

Identity cards, should be shown, when demanded Book Issued at a Time.

Two Books will be issued on Identity card and library card for the period of seven days and should be returned with in the due date.

Overdue fine is One Rupee Per Day for the first seven days and after that it is Two Rupee Per Day.

Reference books and journals will not be issued Books can be reserved for issue or for extended use if no other user has demand for the same book Books borrowed during the examination are to be returned within one week after the exams and Borrowers are responsible for the safety and upkeep of books Students are to ensure, at the time of issue that the book is in good condition. At the time of return, no plea about its bad condition shall be accepted, if returned in damaged/disfigured condition On the loss or damaging/disfiguring a book, the cost of the book will be charged. Library Collection A collection of more than 15,000 volumes of assorted and exhaustive text/reference books on different areas of science, arts ,commerce and management. The library has in its store 15 Exchange Journals and 06 National and International Journals in print with their back volumes. The library also maintains a good collection of 120 CDs.  


Library Timings

Under Graduate Library

Monday – Saturday (10:30 AM – 5:30 PM)

Post Graduate Library

Monday – Saturday (10:30 AM – 5:30 PM)

Library Staff

Mr. .........



Library Assistant

Mr. .........

Book Lifter

Details of Books available in Library

    S.N.    Subject    U.G.    P.G.
    1    English    1400
    2    Urdu    600
    3    Hindi    2700    100
    4    Economics    800    300
    5    Political Science    1200    70
    6    Sociology    2100    45
    7    Chemistry    950    30
    8    Botany    1150
    9    Maths    1090
    10    Physics    1375
    11    Zoology    920
    12    Commerce    3080
 Total17365    545